Spring is almost here and people everywhere are ready to get outside after a long winter! The days become longer, the weather is warmer, and that means it’s a great time for events. Whether you’re planning a big sporting event or trying to grow your business we have the perfect promotions to help you reach your target audience and celebrate spring. We’ve highlighted five of our favorite spring promotions to get you started.

Field of Green Digital Game

Picture a wide-open field covered with shamrocks and a rainbow covering the sky on a beautiful spring day, that’s what our Field of Green game is like. It’s the perfect promotion for any spring event and will get everyone in the Saint Patrick’s day spirit. In this exciting digital game, players flip gold pot and shamrock icons to reveal their prizes until they have flipped a predetermined number of matching icons. This digital game is playable on any device so the fun can happen anywhere from the biggest stadium to the comfort of your own home. Click here to try out the game for yourself! https://www.iprizegames.com/457457

Pot of Gold/ Spring into Fortune Scratch Card

If looking to connect with clients, promote your brand, and celebrate the season our scratch cards are an awesome promotion idea for this spring. We have two different spring-themed scratch cards that our customers can pick from. If you’re having an early spring event or wanting to get in this Saint Patrick’s Day Spring our Pot of Gold scratch card is a great option. Covered with four-leaf clovers, a rainbow, and pots of gold this scratch card is great for any big event, or parade surrounding the holiday. Check out the Pot of Gold scratch card here.https://www.interactivepromotions.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/7-Pot-of-Gold.jpg

Another great option is our Spring into Fortune scratch card. Covered with flowers, butterflies, sunshine and more this scratch card has everything we all love about spring. This card is perfect for any event this spring and is general enough to use all season long. Check out the  Spring into Fortune scratch card here. https://www.interactivepromotions.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/12-Spring-into-Fortune.jpg. Our Pot of Gold and Spring into Fortune themes are a great way to celebrate the spring season. 

Grand Slam Game/Target Toss Promotion

When most people think of spring, baseball comes to mind so we can’t talk about spring promotions without bringing up some awesome baseball ones. One of our favorites is our Grand Slam Game. In this promotion, you choose your favorite minor or major league baseball team and if they get a Grand Slam during your chosen game someone is winning big. You can have your contestants sign up on-site or from the comfort of their own homes. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing the home team’s success with their loyal fans except maybe the chance to win big while doing so.

Another great baseball promotion is our Target Toss contest. Get the season started by giving fans the opportunity to showcase their throwing skills to become a winner. A lucky fan will pitch a baseball through our custom target to win a grand prize. There are various target sizes to choose from so you may determine how challenging the contest will be. It’s a fun, unique, and challenging contest to get your fans excited about the baseball season. Check out our baseball target here https://www.instagram.com/p/Ca2dssysUXG/

Which Spring promotions will you use for your event or business? If you want more ideas, visit our catalog of promotions on our website at www.interactivepromotions.com.