Throwing a fundraiser? Planning a Christmas party? Celebrating the new year with a big event? Our winter-themed promotions are an amazing addition to any event you might be planning this holiday season. Here are four of our favorites that we think you should know about.

Everyone’s a Winter Digital Game

Our Everyone’s a Winter digital game is the perfect promotion for any event during the winter season, and is sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit. In this digital game, players flip snowflake icons on the board to reveal the prizes until they have flipped a predetermined number of matching prizes. This digital game is playable on any device and is sure to bring everyone together this holiday season. Click here to try out the game for yourself!

Snow Me The Money Scratch Card

Looking to connect with clients and promote your brand, our snow me the money scratch card is an awesome way to grow your business during the holiday season. If a lucky customer scratches 6 boxes and they reveal the 6 winning snowflake symbols, they win a grand prize of up to $1,000,000 at little cost to you. Our scratch cards are also available in many themes and can be custom-designed for your promotion. However, we think our snow me the money theme is a great way to appreciate the winter season.  Check out the snow me the money scratch card here.

Blizzard Bucks Digital Game

In this winter-themed digital game, contestants have the opportunity to arrange 10 of our favorite snow day supplies. If one of your players guesses the correct order they can sled away a winner! Like our other digital games, this one is completely customizable, from the sponsor and theme to the prize (or prizes) you give away. Click here to try out the game for yourself!   

2022 Dice Roll Promotion

2022 is approaching fast and if you haven’t started making plans on how to celebrate the new year, our dice roll promotion is a great option! If a player can successfully roll the winning phrase 2-0-2-2 they can win big! This promotion can be played on our 1, 3, 6, and 12-inch dice of your choosing. Start letting the good times roll and play our 2-0-2-2 dice roll promotion at your next event. Learn more about our dice roll promotions here.

If you want to learn more about any of these winter-themed promotions, call us on 888-882-5440 or email