Parades, beaches, carnivals, concerts, and now 4th of July is on the list of cancelled summer activities and celebrations. All due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

4th of July is known for its large gatherings and large firework displays. But activities and events are now forced to scale down. Trying to maintain social-distancing protocols on the 4th would be extremely difficult for some regions. Some cities have decided to cancel 4th of July altogether.

On the other end, some cities say they aren’t ready to surrender their Fourth of July celebrations. Some plan to rearrange them around coronavirus prevention measures. In less affected areas, fireworks display plan to go on as scheduled with minor alterations. It’s all based on what reopening phase your state or county is currently at. A county or state in Phase 1 (still continuing to shelter in place), have spectators in their vehicles parked while watching the display. While Phase 2 would allow for a small gathering while still practicing social distancing. 

With the absence of fireworks and other summer activities (or modification of), what is a business left to do to make profits?

Going Virtual

Well, Philadelphia’s Wawa Welcome America celebration is going virtual this year. And maybe your business can too. Maybe an interactive, virtual experience can be just as profitable as a physical one. With Interactive Promotions Group you can give your offer an incentive to shop by holding an online promotion. You can add an instant win game. We offer games like Crack the Vault, Pick Til You Win or Lucky Number. All games can be added to your website or social media page. Offer customers who made a purchase online the chance to play and hopefully win!

What they win, is up to you. A big cash prize would be great during these financially stricken times would definitely get customers eager to shop. Or a trip to a beach is something your customers would love to look forward to post COVID-19.

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We would love to be able to help you through these difficult times, the best way we can.