Finding ways to increase your foot traffic in a time when self-quarantine has become the norm can be quite hard. With the effects of the coronavirus hitting businesses pockets, many businesses are finding alternative solutions to keep profits afloat. But large and small businesses don’t have to spend a great deal of time finding ways to market their business and paying big money for it. With some help from Interactive Promotions Group, you can use simple contests and promotions to drive in customers now during this global emergency and for Easter.

Direct Mail

A Direct Mail promotion provides instant crowd control while still remaining profitable for your business. In this contest insurance, you drive traffic into your location by sending out special mailers to customers.  If the customer who receives the mailer with the winning number drops by your store on contest day, they take home the grand prize!

Weather Conditional Rebates

For your next big event, offer your customers a rebate on their purchase if a certain weather event happens on a special day in the future. For example, if it rains on Easter Day then everyone who made a purchase within a specified range of dates will be refunded their entire purchase! It’s another great way to still make profits while limiting customers coming in-store.

Digital Games For Easter

For Easter, you may be used to cracking open eggs. But our Crack the Vault contest gives customers the opportunity to win a grand prize without leaving their home! In this promotion, participants attempt to select the winning combination that will open the vault. The game is provided by us through an online game. Take a guess and uncover the prize hidden inside just like an egg hunt.

We hope you take small strides to gain or maintain customers and stabilize profits during these rough times. For more information or questions on any of our contests, please give us a call at 888-882-5140. Or email us at Take the time to check out these and other contest insurance promotions available to you through Interactive Promotions Group.