Crack The Vault

If you want to add a new level of excitement to your next event, then Crack the Vault is the promotion you’ve been looking for! Participants try to guess the winning combination that will open the vault and reveal the grand prize. This unique promotion is perfect for events of all kinds, including showrooms, trade shows, retail locations and charity fundraisers.

Simple as 1-2-3…

  1. Decide on the prize you want to giveaway, the number of contestants you want to have participate and the number of digits they will have to guess.
  2. Determine which game features and options from the list below that you would like to incorporate into your promotion.
  3. Select how your contestants will play the game by choosing from the various game play choices: an iPad Kiosk Stand, a Handheld iPad or a Physical Vault with an iPad.

Game Features & Options

  • Customer Information Collection & Reporting Gain insight into the patrons you are attracting by asking for user information before allowing participants to guess.
  • Registration Code Require entrants to provide a predetermined code in order to play
  • Promotion Limitations Restrict contestants from the promotion based on state and/or their age.
  • Guaranteed Prizes Offer additional prizes for contestants to win instantly. You determine the prizes available, how many can be won and the times a prize should be awarded.
  • Email & SMS Communication Send entrants an automatic personalized and branded email and/or text message upon playing.

Game Play Choices

Crack The Vault

Demo Game

A sample version of the Crack the Vault game can be played below.

This YouTube player mockup includes fully editable vector layers for every function.


It took us 17 regular season games to see a student successfully sink the half-court shot for a year of tuition, but I gotta tell you, after handing him the giant check, it was well worth the wait!

Flagler College