Valentines Day is right around the corner! To get your business on the path of showing your customers how much you love them, Interactive Promotions Group has put together a few customized contests that you can incorporate at a fundraiser, party or big sale event. Our contests are a great fit for businesses that usually profit from the holiday (restaurant, bar, spa, jeweler store, floral designer, chocolatier, wine shop). But our promotions also works for businesses that may not have the most “love-focused” products or environment (insurance brokers, financial institutes, marketing agencies). 

Roses are red, violets are blue, we know you love your customers, so give them something new!”

Interactive Promotions Group

Valentine’s Day is a great time to run a sale or promotion in your retail store because everyone is on the hunt for that perfect gift for their significant other. While most will receive something smaller like flowers or candy, why not go BIG!. Give them a chance to win a jewelry, a vacation or honeymoon or even a new car!

See below to explore some of our most popular Valentines Day promotions:

Love Song Playlist

This promotion works well across all types of events. Simply have your contestants arrange a list of love songs in the correct order. If their order matches the list provided to you by Interactive Promotions Group, they go home a winner!

Valentines Day Cupids Cards

Drive more traffic to your dealership by offering a big prize just in time for Valentine’s Day. Have your customers attempt to match the correct cards through our new digital game, “Match & Win”. If someone is lucky enough to guess correctly they take home the grand prize!

Lucky Heart Pull

The Lucky Heart Pull promotion is a spin off of our Lucky Envelope Contest Insurance. One of IPG’s most popular contest insurance for large events like company parties or fundraisers. Select one person from the crowd and have them select any heart out of 100. Once that person selects their heart, they enter the number on the heart into a website that is provided to you from IPG. If their lucky heart matches the one we have previously picked then they can walk away with a cash prize up to $25,000.

Roll For L-OV-E

What’s great about the Dice Roll Contest Insurance is that it is perfect for any event! You can customize the promotion for your Valentines party by spelling out words like L-O-V-E, H-E-A-R-T, or C-U-P-I-D! If someone rolls out the winning word they can win a fabulous getaway vacation!

Hearts in a Jar

Take all those leftover candy hearts and run a promotion to give away a new car! Fill the jar with as many candy hearts that it will hold and let IPG know the range of hearts contained. IPG will choose a winning number based on the range and if one your customers can correctly guess the number, they win a new car!

Valentines Day Inspired Scratch Cards

Instead of sending Valentines Day cards, we have a better option. Try a Scratch Card promotion instead! If a lucky customer scratches 6 boxes that reveal 6 matching hearts, they win the grand prize!

For more information on these contests or to customize your own contest insurance for Valentines Day give us a call at 888-882-5140!