Ugly sweaters, egg nog, white elephant gifts and more, are all popular additions to a company holiday party. But this year, how about letting Interactive Promotions Group help by adding some extra fun to your company’s holiday party! We offer great contests to get everyone at the company party participating in the fun. But if you just want to give the top employee(s) a big chance to win you can run a promotion with fewer participants as well. Our prize insured contests are proof that you can still offer big prizes even as a small company. So don’t limit your contest options by the size of your company. Delight your employees with any of these big small company holiday party ideas below.

Decorate the Tree for Dough

Give your customers the opportunity to take home an early present! Decorate a tree with ornaments numbered from 1 to 500. If a lucky participant chooses the ornament matching the correct number, they win big!

Snow Me the Money

Give participants the chance to scratch, match and win with our holiday-themed, Snow Me The Money Scratch Cards. If one of your contestants unveils a winning card with the 6 matching symbols, they walk away a winner and Interactive Promotions Group pays for the prize!

Roll in the Holidays

For the Dice Roll promotion, pricing is based on the number of contestants, the value of the prize and the number of dice being rolled.  The more dice you choose to use for the promotion the more contestants you will be able to offer the chance to win, while also keeping the cost of your policy down.  In order to win the Dice Roll contest you have to roll the predetermined word that you have selected with Interactive Promotions Group when you purchased your policy.  Keeping with the theme of Christmas you could have everyone roll 5 dice to try and spell S-A-N-T-A. If someone can roll all 5 dice and spell Santa they win!

Holiday Wish List

This promotion works well across all types of events. Simply have your contestants arrange a list of toys on a wish list in the correct pre-determined order and if their order matches the list provided to you by Interactive Promotions Group, they go home a winner!

Interactive Promotions Group is here to help you with your next promotion no matter how big or small it might be! Give us a call today: 888-882-5140.