Thanksgiving is a time when many people enjoy shopping and feasting with family and friends. Since everyone is in the giving mood, how about your company get’s in on the giving season and give back to your customers, employees or clients.

As prize insurance providers, we are thankful for our client’s business and we love that we can make others happy with great prizes through them. So we want to inform our clients on ways they can give back this year to their clients in a BIG way through contest coverage. It’s a great way to let people know you appreciate them in a creative and thoughtful way.

Here are 10 ways to make a difference and give back this holiday season.

Thank You Cards

Say ‘thank you’ literally in the form of a card. Drive traffic right into your auto dealership or store with a direct mail campaign. Send out thank you cards to residents in your area advertising a holiday sale or another special event. Each mailer will have a unique number listed on it that the customer must match in order to win. If the customer who receives the thank you card with the winning number drops by your store on contest day, they take home the grand prize!

Reward Loyalty

Give a special thank you to your loyal customers. If they are subscribed to your mailing list, how about sending them an exclusive discount or coupon? You could also send them a link to play one of our digital contests. They can have the chance to unlock the vault in our Crack the Code promotion and win the grand prize!

Turkey Bowl

You could sponsor a sports conditional promotion for the next Turkey Bowl and give employees the chance to win extra cash just in time for the holidays! This is a surefire way to boost productivity and morale at work.

Test Your Customers Luck

Forget about pulling a name out of a hat with Secret Santa. Give your customers the chance to win secret prizes with our Lucky Envelope promotion. It can conveniently be incorporated into almost any event. Create an exciting incentive where you narrow the promotion down to a few lucky participants. Give those contestants a chance to win big by selecting the winning stocking! You can even add a creative twist to the contest by numbering any items you want to help customers connect with your brand.

Host A Customer Appreciation Event

Have them come instore and try new or current products. But the twist is that you can advertise on your product packaging unique prize codes that customers will then enter on your website to see if they are the winner. If the predetermined winning code is entered then IPG pays for the prize!

Have A Holiday Party

Let Interactive Promotions Group help add some extra fun to your company’s holiday party this year! Take your employees to the bowling alley or even host indoor bowling or putting promotion. If your employee is able to make the required put or strike, they strike gold!

Spell T-H-A-N-K-S

Sometimes saying it isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to spell it out. Keeping with the theme of thankfulness you could have everyone roll 5 dice to try and spell T-H-A-N-K-S. If someone can roll all 5 dice and spell ‘thanks’ they are taking home A LOT of extra holiday spending money!

We hope you found the best way to say thank-you to your clients, customers or employees through this list. Interactive Promotions Group is here to help you with your next promotion no matter how you would like to give back this year. By giving a little, we are sure you will get back a lot of love in return. Give us a call today: 888-882-5140.