Non-profit doesn’t mean “no profits.” Much like a normal business, nonprofits need to cover operating costs, pay employees and compensate founders and directors. But how is the profit made? Non-profits generally generate income through charity dinners, fundraisers and raffles. But these events can only get you so many earnings. Paying for meals and tickets is nice, but don’t you want more participation at your events? Instead, have you considered contests like a Dice Roll Contest or Scratch Cards?

Dice Roll Contest

Roll some luck into your next promotion! This contest is perfect for any event because it’s simple and guaranteed to attract a crowd. Our dice come in various sizes, including 1, 3, 6 and 12 inch dimensions.As a non-profit, you can customize your dice with your organization’s logo or a word of your choice. The more dice you incorporate into your promotion, the more challenging it becomes. If a participant can roll the winning set, they W-I-N!

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are the perfect way to engage clients at your non-profits next fundraiser! Give customers the chance to win up to $1,000,000 at practically no cost to you. Our stock cards come in multiple themes or may feature a custom design of your choice. To win, players must simply scratch 6 boxes and if all 6 underlying symbols match, they win. The printed registration section on the back also serves as a great tool to maintain your client database.

Once you have to right contest for your event, the following steps get easier:

  1. Pick a prize that will appeal to as many of your supporters as possible. Donated electronics like a flat-screen TV or smartwatch work great, as well as gift cards and packages.
  2. Talk to one of our representative to set up your contract and insure your prize. As a non-profit, you want to make sure you protect your assets. Throwing a million dollar contest without insurance could be a huge loss for your business if someone ends up winning!
  3. The day of your promotion, let our contest do the work. We will supply the excitement and increase in profits!
  4. To take it a step further, give players a fun item or party favor to recognize their participation. This step is easy if your event has a theme: masks for a masquerade, leis for a luau, or golden tickets for a black tie affair.

If you need help setting up your next Non-Profit event, give us a call at 888-882-5140! We would love to assist you and make sure that your Non-Profit is full of profits!