If you have one of our policies, and then have a winner, follow these steps:

  1. Take lots of pictures! While post-contest pictures are not required we certainly love to see you celebrate. Also, be sure to tag us in any social media posts.
  2. Get the names and contact details of the winner, witnesses (and videographer where appropriate). This will make the claims forms significantly easier.
  3. Collect the video(s) from the videographer (if video was required). 
  4. Notify us that you have a winner. We need to be notified within 1 business day of the event. Be sure to include in the email, the name of the winner and the video of the contest. If video was required we will ask to see it before we send you the claims forms.
  5. Once we have been notified we will give you directions for those claims forms, and send them over. If you were hosting a contest with envelopes/scratch cards we will give you instructions on sending those in. Complete the claims forms and send them back.
  6. Once we have the claims forms, the interviews will start. We will conduct phone interviews of the witnesses, and the winner. Let your winner and witnesses know to expect a phone call from us. If their mailbox is full or they don’t respond it can slow down the claims process.
  7. Once all the interviews have been conducted the information is given to the carrier for approval. They may require additional information, but for the most part they can make a decision right away. Once approved, a check will be sent to the policy holder, so the prize can either be bought or passed along to the winner.

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