There are several upcoming seasonal celebrations like Mother’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, Draft Day and Memorial Day. This spring season, Interactive Promotions wants your business and your customers to reap the full benefits from these fun festivities. You both can not only save money, but make it!. These new contest promotions will drive traffic to your store, gain new customers, and increase sales! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain! See below to find a contest that would work best for your event!

Memorial Day Madness
Memorial Day weekend is a great time for shopping! Drive traffic to your store with a sales promotion that uses weather as the deciding factor. If the temperature that day breaks the current record, customer’s purchases from the month before are refunded!

Cinco De Mayo Cash
Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with our Dice Roll contest! Offering a big cash prize is a great way to draw attention to your location and bring in customers new and old! Everyone in attendance gets a chance to roll the dice for the cash! If a lucky customer rolls the correct word, logo or phrase, they walk away with the dinero! Comprende?

March, April and May also gives your customers reasons to drink! We are not promoting over indulgent drinking behavior, but the social aspect of drinking is something that sports bar and restaurants can benefit from. If you own a sports bar or restaurant, take advantage of these cool new promotions!

Beer Bucks
Run a promotion where each contestant is presented with their own case of beer (24 bottles). Each bottle contains a sealed prize envelope and if a player opens the 3 winning envelopes they instantly win the featured grand prize!

Draft Party
If your fans are more sports driven, invite them to join at a local Sports Bar to watch the first round on Thursday night. Have participants submit their “mock drafts” before the party starts. If anyone of them get the first 25 picks correct they win $10K! And if a contestant predicts a perfect 1st round they go home with $100K!

Relieve yourself from the worry of covering the prizes and giveaways at your next event this season. Redirect your focus on what matters – your customers. IPG will take care of the “dirty work” so that your promotion is clear from disappointment. Visit our website to browse through our wide variety of contest options. Contact one of our representatives at 888-882-5440 or email us at to find out more details!