Ok, maybe it’s not that easy. James Bond lives a dangerous life and we at Interactive Promotions Group  hope that you don’t.  So what exactly do we mean when we say “crack the vault”.  “Crack the Vault” is one of Interactive Promotion’s best promotions. If you are running a showroom, charity event, trade show booth or retail location this is the perfect thing to get more attention to your event. Nothing spices up an event more than a promotion.

This is a great advertising opportunity as you can effectively get the message out that anyone who comes to the event would be eligible to win a grand prize. The grand prize will be in the vault. The vault will have a code of 3-8 digits and any prize up to $25,000! Participants in the promotion then enter any lucky digit number they choose into the vault and  if they crack the code and open the vault they win the grand prize. We bet you’re wondering what this looks like. Well here’s a YouTube video that should give you a rough idea of what this promotion looks like. Seeing is believing:


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