Summer is the hottest time of the year. People everywhere are trying to find ways to stay cool, but no one will want to miss out on a hot summer promotion. With the stress of the pandemic still looming over everyone’s heads and the excitement of some restrictions being lifted, now is the perfect time to create some fun with promotions that will bring out the customers and make some great summer memories. 

Last summer’s limitations caused a lot of boredom, loneliness, and longing for the usual activities people enjoyed during the hotter months. This year, they are aching for something to do. There are options, even in areas with restrictions still in place, to bring a little excitement. However, a lot of people are experiencing financial hardships or emotional strain still. This is true for businesses and companies as well. Making sure your prizes are flashy enough to attract the amount of response you want while also making sure you don’t have a massive financial burden suddenly drop is vital at this time. This is why you should consider a prize insured summer promotion to keep you safe and to keep your contestants coming with great prizes. 

The Angle on Angling

The mindset surrounding outdoor activities has certainly changed recently. More people are going outside to enjoy the fresh air and the natural surroundings then before. Families are choosing to do things together, often in the great outdoors. One of the best ways for people to get out and spend time together is through fishing. 

Holding a fishing competition or promotion is a great way to bring in attention and allow people an outlet for their desire to be on the water and under the sun. It’s a great family event and there are multiple ways you can choose for how you want the competition to go. 

Tag, You’re It!

If you’re able to, you can release some tagged fish into the water and offer a prize to anyone who catches one of these fish. 

Breaking Records

If you’ve got some great fishing records in the area, you have the option of offering a reward to anyone who breaks one of those local or even statewide records. 

Put It On The ‘Scales’

Another great way to go about a fishing summer promotion is to offer a prize to whoever catches a fish that matches a preselected weight. 

Adding the Excitement of Chance to Your Website

Online shopping is only growing and people are constantly looking at websites and researching new brands or companies in their search for a more affordable option. You can make your website memorable by adding some flair and a bit of chance. Offering a prize simply for visiting your website will create a lasting positive impression and encourage word of mouth advertising to draw more attention to the website. There are also many places that still have certain restrictions in place and many who are still uncomfortable in crowded places. Offering them something they don’t need to go out for will help them to feel more comfortable.

People love trying their luck, so creating that opportunity through a means that they can reach from their own home is a great way to bring attention to your company. Once again, there are options with this as well.

Prize Wheel

Spin the wheel is an easy and classic way to let people test their luck. It’s also a fun visual for them to watch as they wait with bated breath to see where they will land.

Let People Try To Crack The Vault

Remember those intense movie scenes where someone has to try and crack a vault’s combination? We’ve all wanted to try that at least once and you can give your customers the chance by offering a Crack the Vault game on your website. 

Give Someone the Chance to Always Win

Creating a Pick Till You Win game will allow a selected person to keep trying for a prize until they actually win something. The prizes can vary in how grand they are, allowing you to be as creative as you want to be. 

Appeal to The Sports Fans

Using a popular and common sport to create an athletic and exciting promotion is another great way to take advantage of the growing outdoor crowd and bring the fun to your event. There are a variety of sports that you can take inspiration from and that everyone likes. 

Swingin’ For A Prize

The great American pastime is also a great summer promotion. A Home-Run Swing contest allows your customers to be physically active, spend time with others, and still maintain social distancing.

Frisbee Toss For A Prize

Frisbee is another great way to get people out and moving. This is also fairly inexpensive to set up and  can be customized to fit your options and how you want the competition to be. Depending on how this is set up, you can also keep distance between people with this type of promotion as well.

A Hole In One For A Prize

Golfing is a great way to relax while still being outside and playing a sport. Depending on how intense you want it to be, it can also be a great family activity to bring in kids as well. Just like the other two options, this one allows you to keep social distancing practices and customize the promotion however you want to fit your business or event. 

A lot of people are stressed right now and many business owners are struggling to bring things back to the way they were pre-Covid-19. The only way to do this is to create fun situations to draw in more people. With a prize insured summer promotion, you can do this without costing yourself an obscene amount of money in these tense times. Not only will these promotions make your customers happy, they will bring a lot of laughter and uplift your business environment as well.