4th of July is the day that reminds people about America’s Independence. Especially about the freedom-loving leaders and patriotic Americans who broke away from British rule. Americans have been celebrating the 4th of July in unique ways, including parades, backyard barbecues, and fireworks across the country. However, the celebrations were drastically different in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the pre-Covid-19 America, businesses would hold outdoor events and take full advantage of the biggest holiday of the summer. Using strategies to drive more traffic into their establishment and find new ways to engage with their customers. Although each state has made substantial efforts to vaccinate the population, the threat is not over yet. 

The good news is that you can hold a 4th of July promotion or contest and be both safe and profitable. Take a look at some fun outdoor promotions we offer below.

4th of July Virtual Celebrations 

If you can remember, last year the majority of people in the U.S. had to watch fireworks virtually due to the pandemic. This year, if you are still unable to reach your customers physically, Interactive Promotions Group offers businesses and shops to hold online promotions. For instance, you can add different games on your business website or social media profiles. We offer promotions like:

  • Crack the Vault 
  • Lucky Numbers 
  • Pick Till You Win 

It is an excellent way to attract more customers and allow them to make purchases online. When customers purchase a product or subscribe to a service, they can play these games and win to receive rewards. 

Let Freedom Swing

Let Freedom Swing is another outdoor contest on the 4th of July. The lucky winner will participate in a “Home Run Swing Contest.” You will win a good amount of money if you manage to hit a home run on five pitches. 

Let Freedom Swing is an excellent promotional idea for businesses during the pandemic. It is socially-distant friendly, allowing your customers to participate in the contest and win some good cash. 

Box Office Gold

Box Office Gold is a valuable 4th of July promotion offered by Interactive Promotions Group. It is an excellent opportunity for your fans or customers to watch and win. Some of the most popular movies in July are Candyman, F9, The Forever Purge and Ghostbusters Afterlife. Your fans will guess a movie and win.  

Golfing For Freedom

Golfing for Freedom is another 4th of July contest, allowing your customers to win a car. Interactive Promotions Group offers a 25-foot putting green where participants will have to accomplish three putts to win a car. Not only is Golfing for Freedom, an excellent opportunity for car-loving people, but it is also a productive promotional idea for businesses. 

Frisbee Toss

Many people in the U.S suffer from mental health illnesses due to the  pandemic. Staying indoors to maintain social distancing protocols can be stressful and lonely. Not everyone can spend their time watching videos on YouTube and movies on Netflix. 

Therefore, the Frisbee Toss is a stress-relieving strategy or contest that businesses can employ to let their fans or customers participate and win a cash prize. You can customize this contest based on your business goals and budget, meaning you can give away cash prizes, a brand new car, or other gift items. 

The 4th of July or Independence Day is an important day for every American. All businesses, including small companies and large enterprises, can connect with their customers and streamline their promotional goals by allowing them to express American pride.

The 4th of July requires careful planning and preparation. To get a head start, reach out to one of our representatives at Interactive Promotions at infor@interactivepromotions.com to help cover your next summer event.