May is a jam-packed month full of marketing opportunities for your business or event. You can plan a promotion around the Kentucky Derby, NBA Finals, Mother’s Day or any other national holiday or event that resonates with your business or customers. There are truly holidays for every business and audience. Deciding on your promotion is the fun part! But finding your next promotion doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve listed a few of our top May promotions below. 

Fun Outdoor Promotions

The months are warming up. Despite the May showers, you will still find sunny days and opportunities to celebrate outdoors with these fun promotions below.

Reel in the Cash

Bait your hook and cast your line for the Tagged Fish contest. Release tagged fish in the water, then during your fishing tournament your anglers will have a chance to reel in more than just dinner, but a grand prize too, paid for by Interactive Promotions Group.

Frisbee Fun

Want to drive more customers into your dealership? How about a classic frisbee toss contest to go along with your Memorial Day celebration? Give participants the opportunity to win a large cash prize or even a car, by challenging them to toss a frisbee through a target!

Sports Promotions

May is a big month for sports. The Kentucky Derby and the NBA Finals being the most popular during the month. How will you capitalize from these events? Try one of these promotions.

Grand Slam Game/Inning

There is nothing more rewarding than sharing the home team’s success with their loyal fans than by offering them the chance to win big. If one of the home team batters manages to hit a grand slam during the game, one randomly selected fan becomes a lucky winner. Up the ante and let Interactive Promotions Group choose which inning the grand slam must occur in.

Ballin’ For Bucks

The NBA Finals are just around the corner! Create a buzz with the NBA score prediction promotion. Give contestants a chance to win big if they can correctly guess the score at halftime and the final score of a game of your choice during the playoffs!

Which May promotions will you use for your business? If you want more ideas, visit out catalog of promotions on our website at