In the Northern Hemisphere, most folks are sick of Winter and are ready to welcome some lovely spring warmth. With people eager to go outside, now is the perfect time to take advantage and drive traffic into your business. To assist you with your spring contests or promotions, we have provided some contest ideas to help you get the most of your April and Spring season.

Which April Promotions Will Work For Your Business?

There are promotions and holidays for every business. First, if you are a business that transforms homes or lives, you can offer something that would help customers experience a “renewal” in their life, home, or business. This could be a cleaning service to help your customers start their Spring cleaning. Or if you own a gym, you can offer clients the ability to get a fresh start by offering free training sessions.

Choosing the right promotion is based on your goal for the promotion. Is your goal to drive traffic to your store, gain new customers or increase sales? Whatever your goal may be, we have a promotion to make your April a success. 

April Promotions To Meet Your Goals

Driving Traffic

If you are looking to drive traffic into your establishment, then a Dice Roll promotion might be right up your alley. This contest is perfect for any event because it’s simple and guaranteed to drive traffic into your store. For April, you can customize your dice with a mix of your business logo and/or Easter eggs or flowers. If a participant can roll the winning set, to spell “S-P-R-I-N-G,” they win!

Gain New Customers

If you want more customers, having the ability to increase your database is the key. We have a solution – our Scratch Card promotion. Give your participants the chance to scratch, match and win with our Spring themed scratch cards. If one of your contestants unveils a winning card with the 6 matching symbols, they walk away a winner. On the back of each card includes a registration section to help build your client database that each participant will fill out.

Increase Sales

Let those April Showers work to your customers advantage. We offer a conditional rebate program as a great way to incentivize your next big sale. All you have to do is pick a time period to run your big sale, pick a weather condition to base the promotion on like rainfall. Subsequently, if it rains a specific amount during the timeframe you set, then your customers will get their money back from their purchase! Your customers will be more inclined to shop knowing they have the chance to get their purchase rebated.

Create “Eggs”citement

Celebrate Easter the way you use to – with an egg hunt! In short, instead of finding an egg full of candy, your contestants can find an egg full of cash! Our Easter Eggstravaganza promotions gives contestants the chance to win big! Fiill various Easter baskets with Easter eggs, each one containing a number from 1 to 100. If a lucky contestant chooses the winning egg, they take home the grand prize!

Which April marketing ideas work for your business? For more ideas, visit