How are businesses able to reach customers during COVID-19?

COVID-19 has been an inconvenience for many of our lives as it has transformed our routines in unprecedented ways. Some states may be coming out of, or already came out of lockdown. But a handful of states are still following the stay-at-home order with the attempt to “flatten the curve.” These measures, social distancing and working from home are taking a toll on businesses, from small local stores and large corporations. 

A handful of businesses will remain open to the public, including food outlets, restaurants (drive-thru, delivery and takeout) and pharmacies. However, with the pandemic limiting customers’ interactions and purchases for that matter. Businesses are forced to get creative to remain profitable while adjusting to the “new normal.”

So no matter if you are a brick-and-mortar or an online based business, we want to share with you some fun and effective ways your business can reach your existing customers and new ones during these unfortunate times. 

Cheer Up Your Customers

Everyone is bombarded with news and updates about the virus. It’s important to be informed, however, too much news is mentally draining. There are many platforms you can use to interact with your customers. But no matter how you reach your customers, sharing a simple message of encouragement can go a long way. It’s important to let the customer know that they are still a priority despite everything being upended. It can be in the form of a meme, quote or from the heart message to let them know that your business has their back. While still being apart.

Online Contests & Promotions

People who are normally accustomed to walking through your front door are now forced to visit you online. This can be a benefit for your business if you use your platform (website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) in the right way. This involves giving your customers the opportunity to participate in online contests and promotions while still being in the comfort of their home. Online gaming has been popular amongst gamers, gamblers and sports fans. But you can give your customers the chance to win BIG as well. And during these times a financial boost for a lucky customer could make all the difference. 

With Interactive Promotions Group, you can use any of our many online promotions to reach your customers. We offer instant win online marketing games like Crack The Vault, Lucky Number and more. Our online promotions allow you to give away a large insured prize to your customers with no contact. It’s a fun promotion that can lift your customers spirits during these times and lift your bottom line. 

Check out our online contests here.

Reach Customers Through Mail

Not everyone may be fond of shopping or communicating online. For those customers that still enjoy finding a letter or gift via mail, this option may be suitable for your business. A Direct Mail promotion is a fun way for local businesses to drive traffic (in a controlled way) into their store. You simply send out mailers to residents in your area advertising a sale. Each mailer that you send out will have a unique number listed on it that the customer must match to win. If the customer who receives the mailer with the winning number drops by your store on the specified date, they take home the grand prize!

See more details about our Direct Mail campaign here.

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