If you have been a customer of Interactive Promotions Group before, you may be aware of what we offer. We offer prize insurance for events and or businesses that are looking to add an extra layer of profits and protection for their event. Some of our customers may have overlooked what we have to offer golfers thanks to our sister company US Hole In One. If you are a tournament director, offering a hole in one insurance contest through US Hole In One will give your golfers the chance to win a fabulous prize if they successfully sink an ace! As experts in hole in one insurance, US Hole In One will turn your golf event into a memorable and exhilarating experience!

How Does It Work?

Us Hole In One offers not just hole in one insurance, but insurance for a shootout and putting contests as well. The process of getting insurance for your contest is simple. If you are new to setting up prize insurance for your tournament, follow these easy steps below:

1. Choose Your Prize

For your grand prize, US Hole In One has a ton of grand prize options for your tournament. Grand prizes are essential to keeping your golfers happy and excited to come to your event year after year. And you are not limited to their grand prizes. They can cover any prize you can dream up! To choose from their list of prizes see here.

2. Choose Additional Contests (Add On Contests)

Your tournament doesn’t have to be centered around the hole in one and grand prize. Keep in mind, that not all of your golfers will be pros. You can offer your casual golfers additional ways to compete with contests. Add on contests include Shootout Contest, Putting Contest, and even a Dice Roll. And like the grand prize, prize options vary and can be customized.

3. Receive a Price Quote

Find a prize coverage offer that fits your budget. To get a quote, you will need the following: 

1. # of Participants

2. Yardage of Grand Prize Hole

3. Value of Grand Prize

How Much Does It Cost?

Now, you may be thinking there is a slim chance an amateur will get an ace, let alone on the one hole in your tournament offering a prize. Such odds work in your favor when considering Hole In One Insurance, as premiums from US Hole In One can start at as little as $180.

What Do They Offer?

The best part about getting coverage from US Hole In One is that contest prize coverage comes with fun extras, including bonus prizes for all par 3 holes, signage and free golf clubs and $10 off Golfsmith cards for every golfer! And this is in addition to our 110 percent low price guarantee. If you find a price for the same insurance from our competitors, we will meet it and beat it by ten percent of the difference (it must be from a legitimate competitor.)

If you need help or have questions on the process of getting insurance, please give US Hole In One a call at 888-882-5440