This upcoming playoff season will mark the 100th season of the National Football League (NFL). To commemorate the notable benchmark, the NFL already has 17 matchups with historical significance. One of which is the season starter on September 5, 2019, with the Chicago Bears hosting the Green Bay Packers. The kickoff features the NFL’s oldest rivalry, which began in 1921. The Packers hold the all-time edge in the series with a 96-94-6 record. For the full list of games, see the NFL’s website.

So with any milestone, you want to celebrate in a BIG way! For the league 100th season anniversary why not get in on the fun with your customers and fans? Whether you own a bar and restaurant, or you’re a college athletic director, you can benefit from these list of promotions to celebrate NFL’s benchmark.

NFL Score Prediction Promotions

For any of the historical games that the NFL has lined up this season, you can give your fans a way to predict the outcome! Our Football Score Prediction can be used to add some excitement to your next tailgate, sports bar promotion, and more. Before the game starts, have everyone at the event guess the score. If one of your fans make a lucky guess they’ll take home a prize! We believe your fans can have extra leverage since most of the teams have previously played. Your fans can have something to compare their scores to. Why not unite fans and customers with a little friendly competition.

With this next promotion, each of your contestants will receive a Scoreboard Payoff Card that will contain a lucky score for each inning, half or quarter. As the game progresses, their chances to win will increase. Match the score for each section and they win the grand prize! The sponsor can cover smaller prizes for partial matches but IPG will cover the big prize giveaway.

NFL On-Field Promotions

Get your fans on the field to kick off the 100th NFL season. Our Field Goal Kick football promotion offers field goal kicks from five different distances, including 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 yards. Or to stick to the theme, how about holding a promotion directly in honor of the NFL’s anniversary. Celebrate 100 years with a 100 yard Field Kick. See if your fans have the strength to kick their way into winning the grand prize. This promotion may conveniently be run on a high school, college, arena or pro football field.

Another popular on-field promotion (or indoor) is our Football Target Toss. There are also many yardages and target hole sizes to make this contest a perfect fit for your event. To earn a grand prize, contestants must simply toss a football through a designated target. This promotion will be sure to draw a crowd and bring your target audience to you!