Tis the season to be jolly in July!

Don’t get carried away by whipping out your sleigh, Christmas trees and ornaments just yet. When we say Christmas in July, we are talking about our wide range of promotions that you can offer your customers this summer. Have Santa come early this year, and offer your customers and fans the most exciting contests without wrapping it under a tree.

Our contests range from outdoor sports to direct mail promotions and so much more. Taking advantage of the outdoors is definitely something you want to do while you still can. When winter comes, it will be more of a challenge to get your customers into your business.

So we’ve gathered our summer’s biggest promotions that’s great for businesses, colleagues, universities and more. You’d better watch out—July is the new December!

Crack the Vault

Instead of unwrapping a gift, try cracking a vault. Yes, it’s more challenging, but in our opinion it’s more rewarding for you and your fans. Our Crack the Vault contest gives participants an attempt to select the winning combination that will open the vault provided by Interactive Promotions Group. Take a guess and uncover the prize hidden inside!

Money Bag Promotion

How would it sound if Santa carried a bag of money instead of a sack of toys? With our Money Bag Promotion, you can offer your clients just that. Give contestants a chance to win big by selecting the winning money bag! 

Sports Contests and Promotions

All of our popular sports contests would take forever to list (similar to a kid writing their Christmas list). So we have chosen to highlight a few. 

Since it’s baseball season, why not get your fans in on the fun of participating in America’s past-time sport. Our Target Toss gives your fans the opportunity to test their speed, accuracy, and ability to become a winner. They’ll have the opportunity to showcase their throwing skills by pitching a baseball through a target to win a grand prize!

Another summer favorite is our Tagged Fish promotion! Before running this contest, tag some fish, release them into the water, and let the casting begin. To become a winner, a lucky fisherman simply must catch a tagged fish with the winning number. This contest will excite fishermen everywhere and generate buzz at your next event!

It pays to shop early. If you are an early Christmas shopper, you would understand. Why wait for Christmas to give? The time is now to give your customers and fans a summer promotion that they will still be buzzing about in the seasons ahead. To explore more of our promotions, check out our website. We are sure you will find the perfect addition to your event.