We find that many of our customers are always looking for promotions to offer during their summer fishing events. Our clients are looking for new, fun ways to create excitement during the fishing tournament, not just for the fisherman but for spectators as well. Interactive Promotions Group created promotions that works perfectly for fishing tournaments. See below!

Match the Weight

Our Match the Weight fishing promotion is quite the catch! This contest is perfect for your next fishing tournament and will have participants reeling with excitement. Prior to the start of your tournament, Interactive Promotions Group will predetermine a winning fish weight. Your anglers will then weigh their fish and try to match the weight to the winning fish weight. If there’s a match then they win the prize!

State/World Record Catch

This promotion is the catch of a lifetime! First select a state or world record of your choice for your contest. If a participating fisherman wins, they’ll have a new record and a grand prize to show off. This exciting promotion is a great way to motivate your participants into fishing for the ultimate catch. Fishing fans won’t be afraid to tackle this challenge!

Tagged Fish

You’ll be reeling in grand prizes with this fishing promotion! Before running this contest, tag some fish, release them into the water, and let the casting begin. To become a winner, a lucky fisherman simply must catch a tagged fish with the winning number. This contest will excite fishermen everywhere and generate buzz at your next event. Fishing fans will be immediately hooked with this contest!

Interactive Promotions Group offers many types of creative contests that are sure to bring some extra excitement to your next event. Call us today: 888-882-5140!