Most of the country is dealing with the cold, but the NFL playoffs are just heating up. To celebrate the playoffs, how about winning a payoff for your business and for your fans? Our football promotions is the perfect way to increase your profits this season. Simultaneously, you can show your appreciation for your fans by giving them the opportunity to compete for top cash prizes. Don’t leave the winnings to the pros this season. Get apart of the action and watch your fans reaction! See below for our top Playoff promotions!

Kick Off The Playoffs

Before the coin flips heads or tails, give one lucky fan at your bar or big game event the opportunity to win a big lump sum! To win, your chosen contestant needs the home team to return the first kick off for a touchdown in the first or second half.

After you get your payoff from the playoffs, why stop there? How about holding a Super Bowl promotion! We offer the best promotions to enable fan participation and build excitement.

Super Bowl Bucks

Get customers even more excited for the 2018 Super Bowl by giving away a huge prize! Select one lucky participant prior to the start of the game and if the team returns the kickoff for a touchdown they take home the big bucks! We also offer coverage for the kick off at the start of the second half.

Best Super Bowl Party Ever

Want to throw the best Super Bowl party ever? Have customers join you at your dealership to predict the final score of the big game. Pick 10 lucky finalists and post their scores. If any of them predicted the final score correctly, they win the grand prize!

Football Score Prediction

Add some excitement to your next tailgate by having your fans predict the score of the game! Before the game starts, have everyone at the event guess the score. If one of your fans make a lucky guess they’ll take home a prize! This promotion is a great way to unite fans with a little friendly competition.

You may not have control over who will take home the win this year, but you can control how you will celebrate! If any of these promotions catch your attention, give us a call at 888-882-5440 or email us at to start planning your next contest.