We all know how this time of year usually goes. You make a long list of unrealistic goals, then by mid January you realize how you won’t or don’t want to achieve your goals, and you give up. Do you think it’s possible to break the cycle this year? Luckily there is a way thanks to IPG. We know your fans want to lose weight, spend more time with their family and friends or travel more, and we have a way for you fans to do so. See below to discover how we can accomplish your fans resolutions this year.

Lose Weight
This is one of the most common resolutions counting for about 25% of all New Year resolutions. You buy protein shakes, set a diet plan, purchase a gym membership and then your commitment comes to a stop. We don’t have a diet plan for you or a new exercise routine but we do have active contest that will get your fans the perfect motivation to get more physical. Any sort of movement is going to help you. Our sports contests are the most popular contests and when resting on peoples physical abilities, we notice that people become more excited to participate. So why not hold a Half Court Shot or Football Target Toss to get your fans on track with their goals?

Break A Habit
Everybody knows that there is absolutely nothing beneficial about smoking. It is harmful to your health, it makes your teeth yellow, your clothes smell bad, it is extremely annoying for all non-smokers and – last but not least – it is expensive! Nevertheless, there is actually a considerable amount of people who make a New Year resolution to quit smoking and drinking. This is a commendable goal as it is very hard to do so. But we believe the best way to break a habit is to avoid a habit. Instead of going to a bar or club, change your social patterns and go to a golf club or sporting event to stay focused on the game.

Get Out Of Debt
Paying off debts is a popular resolution that many have difficulty accomplishing. Keeping this resolution often requires a major reduction of people´s comfort and conventional habits which is something many people don’t want to give up. But you don’t have to give up your buying habits. With IPG, our contests offer top cash prizes up to a $1,000,000 dollars! Winning that amount of money will definitely help your fans and customers finances.

If you are in debt, you probably haven’t even thought about including a trip to your resolution. Some of the first things we tend to think of in a new year are those exotic destinations and foreign countries we would love to see. Unfortunately, what usually happens is that you end up taking less exciting and romantic trips and your travel bucket list will stay unchecked. Our sister company US Hole In One offers prize packages to destinations like Las Vegas, the Masters or even Pebble Beach. Hold a golf tournament and promote the grand prize travel package to attract more participants.

Spend More Time With Your Family And Friends
The beginning of the year is also an ideal time to spend more time with kids or reconnect with family that you haven’t seen in a while. Unfortunately, with work being a routine, it becomes easy to lose motivation to hang out. But if your friends are included in big events and tournaments, it may become easier to spend more time together. Hold an inclusive contest, grand opening or promotion that allows participation for everyone.

We hope that we helped you see just how possible it is to help your fans achieve their goals this year. We also want to help you achieve yours as well. If you want to increase your attendance rate or profit this year, than our promotions are the perfect way to do so. To find out more information on how to set up a contest with us, speak to a representative at 888-882-5440 or email us at info@interactivepromotions.com.