On the off chance that you work in non profits, you’ve most likely been a piece of a raising support occasion, regardless of whether it was an indulgent function or a straightforward party time at the bar around the bend. Numerous associations, particularly little ones, depend on these occasions to raise a great deal of money during a brief timeframe. Raising a large mount of money on a tight entertainment budget may seem close to impossible. To amp up the entertainment factor in a fundraiser or charity event, try incorporating a prize insured contest! The steps are simple. See below:

  1. Pick a prize that will appeal to as many of your supporters as possible. Donated electronics like a flat-screen TV or smartwatch work great, as well as gift cards and packages.
  2. Talk to one of our representative to set up your contract and insure your prize.
  3. The day of your promotion, let our contest do the work. We will supply the excitement and increase in profits!
  4. To take it a step further, give players a fun item or party favor to indicate their participation. This step is easy if your event has a theme: masks for a masquerade, leis for a luau, or golden tickets for a black tie affair.

Needless to say, running an event is no small feat, but with Interactive Promotions Group, the steps are simple to ensure that your event is stress free. To set up your next non-profit promotion with IPG give us a call at 888-882-5440 or email us at info@interactivepromotions.com. We’re here to help you win big!