It may seem like contests require entrants to do the impossible to win a prize. We offer promotions that require contestants to guess a six-digit code that would open a safe. Another involves kicking a football into the bed of a truck, and a third contest requires the winner to sink a half court shot! The odds of winning any one of these promotions are far less than one in a million.

But despite those long odds, our contests are very popular with consumers because the prizes are valuable. For example, if someone guesses the correct six-digit code that opens the safe (notwithstanding the odds of one in ten million) they will win $200,000.

Because of these expensive prizes, the smartest action a business can make is to obtain contest insurance that will reimburse them in the unlikely event that they have to award the prize. To break down what can happen if you decide to get insurance or regretting not getting insurance, check out these two real life case studies:

Case Study #1

A furniture store in Baltimore, MD advertised that anyone buying its furniture during the weekend before the Super Bowl would receive the furniture for free. But they could only walk away with a free sofa if the Baltimore Ravens scored a touchdown by running back the kick-off on the first play of the second half. As you may recall, the Ravens’ Jacoby Jones ran back the second half’s opening kick-off and instantly made the customers who bought furniture from that Baltimore store very happy.

Case Study #2

It was reported that a Connecticut businessman who specialized in selling insurance for golf tournament hole-in-one contests had been charged with multiple felonies after repeatedly failing to pay prize winners. According to the article, it is alleged that he has refused to pay hole-in-one contest winners in eleven states, and has ignored a cease and desist order and a $125,000 fine from the Washington State Insurance Commissioner. This shows you what could happen if you buy insurance from a non-reputable company. How disappointing it must be to win a valuable prize, only to be told that the insurance company refuses to pay?

To avoid the second scenario from happening to your business, look into getting prize insurance with an honorable company like Interactive Promotions Group. To learn more give us a call at 888-882-5440 or email us at