Are you feeling lucky? There is no better way to press your luck then with our promotions! Whether it’s a Lucky List, Lucky Key Grab, Lucky Toss or Lucky Lotto we will provide coverage for your contest leaving you free from paying the cost of the prize. See below for details on some of our luckiest promotions!

Lucky Envelope
Searching for the perfect contest to attract a crowd and generate buzz at your next event? Our Lucky Envelope promotion can conveniently be incorporated into almost any event. Create an exciting incentive where you narrow the promotion down to a few lucky participants. Give those contestants a chance to win big by selecting the winning envelope! You can even add a creative twist to the contest by numbering any items you want to help customers connect with your brand.

Lucky Key Grab
This promotion is the key to success at your next event. See if your customers can unlock a new car in order to take it home as an awesome prize. Contestants will chose from a container of keys, numbered from 1 to 100, and if the lucky key they pick matches the winning key, it’s a perfect fit. Unlock your way to customer satisfaction with this exciting contest!

Lucky List
Our Lucky List contest is a flexible and easy-to-run promotion for any event. You will provide Interactive Promotions Group with a list of items or names, such as sports teams, vehicle models, songs, product offerings, etc. Prior to the event, we will generate a list comprised of these items in a specific winning order. Simply have your contestants arrange the list of items you provide them and if their order matches our predetermined winning sequence, they win!

Lucky Lotto
Win or lose, everyone deserves a second chance. This promotion lets you offer a new set of winning numbers on the day after a lottery drawing in your area. If a lucky individual can present a lottery ticket from the previous day that matches the new set of winning numbers, they’ll earn a grand prize. Odds are that your contestants will love this contest!

Lucky Toss
This promotion works well at any type of event and is a great way to involve people of all ages! Select any item you can think of (ball, puck, paper airplane, bouquet of flowers, bean bag, cookie, frisbee, washer, horseshoe, olive, etc.) that you want your contestants to throw into a designated target. Then decide on how many contestants you want to make rich. If one of your contestants tosses their item through the target then they walk away a winner!

Did you see a contest that fits your next promotion? If you don’t see one that is right for your event, give us a call at 888-882-5440. We will customize your contest to fit your needs so that your promotion brings you profits and your fans big cash prizes. Hurry before your luck runs out!