You’ve done an extraordinary job at planning your event. Arranging was faultless. You have topnotch attractions. But what about the turn out?

With IPG’s prize insurance, we increase the chances that your occasion will sell out. You can offer marvelous prizes, for example, a new car, a vacation and even $1,000,000 cash! All of this, without the danger of a payout from your pockets! You’re ready to offer your clients a one of a kind, eye-catching prize for extensively less cash than the prize itself. Prize protection pulls in crowds to your promotion, increases ticket sales, and produces incredible attraction.

Follow these three additional tips for attracting a crowd to your next event:

  1. Determine the Appropriate Audience: Any group may not be the correct group. The last thing you need is to draw in a group that expects complimentary gifts or simply needs to be spoiled by a full-benefit party without really turning into a supporter. There’s a period and place for each group, however it’s dependent upon you to figure out which crowd is most appropriate for your occasion.
  2. Inviting v.s. Expecting: Remember throwing a birthday party when you were little? You invite the whole class but you notice that only half shows up. The same applies for your event. You should double of triple the amount of people you invite and spread the word as much as possible. It’s proven that you lose 50 percent of the people you invite. You can invite 100 customers, but odds are that 50 will only show up so be prepared!
  3. Location, Location, Location: Its a well known fact that specific spots pull in specific groups. While facilitating occasions in real urban areas, consider the transportation choices, and timing of go from an assortment of areas. Is it simple for your objective visitors to get to the occasion from their workplaces?

Not certain what kind of promotion to do? Enlighten us regarding your occasion, and we will offer you proposals on what may work best for your circumstance. Give us a call at 888-882-5440 or email us at