You can be “all in” without being all out of money! We all know that gambling can be risky business. Your players bet money or other valuables with hopes of winning big. But what if I told you that their doesn’t have to be a loss involved? With our games, there is no risk! Your players have the chance to win without financial loss while your business experiences financial gain!

We offer promotions that range from Sports Contests, Casino Games and Online Promotions. By setting up a promotion with us, you are ensuring that you won’t have to pay for the prize if a contestant wins. So no risk! We reimburse the promoter for the prize amount should there be a winner. Your contestant takes home the prize without having to risk a dime.

Now more than ever, we see how insecure companies can be with our information. Hackers recently stole Bitcoin funds from Bithumb exchange traders. And online theft is at an all-time high. We are risking our money and valuables on a daily basis without even knowing it. With IPG their is no worry of theft or interference during your promotion. We have a secure process of making sure that your winner gets what he or she has earned!

To find out more about our risk-free contest and promotions give us a call! Our representatives are ready to assist you at 888-882-5440! Or email us at