In the past, before the use of modern technology, kids kept themselves quite occupied without tablets, phones, droids, hover boards and gadgets. To the current youth, it may be a hard task to picture such a world. But for the majority of people born before the millennium, game boards and activities that require physical contact was actually reality. These childhood games were not limited in terms of location or number of players either. It can be done indoors, outdoors, with a group of people or even by yourself. Games were altered, rules were bent, and was limited only to the child’s imagination. At Interactive Promotions Group, we have used our own imagination and put a spin on classic childhood games that are ready to be played at your next contest or promotion! IPG or rather Simon says to, “check them out below.”

Childhood Game: Throwing Frisbees

IPG Game: Frisbee Toss

With our ultimate frisbee promotion comes ultimate prizes! This contest may be run at a variety of venues. In order to win, participants are challenged to toss a frisbee through a designated target. Targets come in various sizes and templates to best fit your event; one could even be a car window.

Childhood Game: Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Operation, etc.

IPG Game: Oversized Game Boards

This contest will give you the ultimate game plan to produce winners and promote your organization at your next event! Our oversized game boards allow participating customers to play one of our games in a larger than life fashion to earn a big prize. We offer stock game board designs but can also create a custom design to compliment your brand and event. Get your head in the game and give this promotion a try!

Childhood Game: Football or Flag Football

IPG Games: Kick Off Return

This promotion is a great way to give your customers or fans a chance to recollect on playing football. Before the game begins select a lucky patron or fan and if the team returns the kick off for a touchdown, they become a grand prize winner! We offer coverage for both the opening kickoff and the second half kick off, giving your participants two chances to win.

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