Tradeshows are an excellent way of promoting your company and further expanding your client database. In order to do this you have to attract people to your booth at the show, Interactive Promotions knows the importance of having a special and unique way of pulling in potential clients and has designed a number of different promotions for this purpose.

Hands down the most popular trade show promotion is Crack the Vault. Since a trade show will run all day if not over multiple days, the crack the vault promotion is perfect. The game will allow you to involve everyone at the show so there is no extra work on your part to figure out how to select a few lucky participants. This promotion unlike many other offered by Interactive Promotions does not have to be videotaped since the game will be programmed based on your policies requirements. The game is a great way to collect information from your guest by asking them to fill in a request card before they take their chance at entering a number into the vault.

The Dice Roll promotion is a close second to the crack the vault. The dice roll promotion will allow everyone at the event to participate to win a grand prize by rolling the dice to spell out any word of your choice. The dice roll offers a creative side to the client by personalizing the die to spell out the company name or even use the company logo. Interactive Promotions will handle creating and shipping the die to you or your event and also included will be a dice cup for the participants to use when testing their luck!

If your trade show has a lot of space then the Airplane Toss is another great way to get a large group involved with the promotion. Have each person who visits your booth fold their piece of paper to create a plane they think will soar through the target. For more information on other tradeshow ideas visit our website or give us a call!