Interactive Promotions Group can provide contest insurance for all kinds of events, fundraisers, parties or sporting events, you can guarantee that Interactive Promotions Group has a way to spice up the event by offering a grand prize. Some promotions offered are designed for large groups and others are a way of rewarding just one of two people to participate. Either way Interactive Promotions Group has a number of different ideas for your event. One promotion that is perfect for large or small groups is the Crack the Vault and can fit any size group.

The Crack the Vault Promotion is among the top three most popular contest insurance provided by Interactive Promotions Group. Most commonly the Crack the Vault is used in a larger promotion such as a company party, trade show, or fundraising event. The online game is customized with you company name or event name and programmed with the number of attempts you wish. For big events, the 5, 6,or 7 digit code is used allowing everyone at the event to participate at an affordable cost. The contestants would come up to your table and event any number they want and find out instantly if they are a winner! The game can also be used for smaller groups with increasing the odds with a 3 or 4 digit numbers.

All you need to know to get a quote for the Crack the Vault is the number of people at your event and the prize value you want to give away (max $25,000). From here a interactive promotion consultant will send over a quote and a sample game so you can play the game and show it off before you make your final decision. For more information visit the Crack the Vault section on our website!