It is never too early to start thinking about warmer weather because we know MLB players are reporting to spring training and baseball season is about to start. The beginning of the season usually means hardcore fans sitting through colder weather games for multiple hours so why not reward those loyal fans with a chance to win big at the next home game!

Baseball prize insurance promotions are broken up into two categories, team achievement promotions and fan participation contests. Team achievement prize insurance promotions are extremely popular in baseball because there are some many different extraordinary plays that the team or players can achieve throughout the game. Some of the most popular team achievement promotions are the Grand Slam Inning, the Perfect Game, and the Back- to Back Home Run Inning, each of these rely on the team or one of it’s player to accomplish the task at hand in order for a lucky fan to be rewarded.

The fan participation prize insurance promotions are usually the ones our clients are more familiar with. These would involve a fan from the crowd to come down onto the field and test their skill level for such contest like the Target Toss, Home Run Swing, and 3 Strike You Win. Each of these relies on the participant’s accuracy and consistency along with some luck to win the grand prize.

Whichever type of baseball prize insurance promotions you choose it is sure to get the fans exciting for the game and help fill the seats of your stadium. Each of these contests can be run at every home game during the season or depending on your budget can be done for select games!