Looking to add something to your next hockey promotion?  Interactive Promotions Group has added two new contests for this season.  We are now offering contest insurance for the Post Shot and the Hat Trick.  No matter which contest you select you are sure to get the crowd excited!  Prior to your event, you will want to contact a contest consultant at Interactive Promotions Group and let them know the following information: the type of contest you wish to run, the number of contestants you will pick out of the audience and the value of the prize you wish to entice your fans with.  Once we have those three pieces of information we can quickly calculate the cost of your coverage.

The Post Shot contest will challenge the lucky fan that you pick out of the crowd and test their accuracy.  If the contestant who is selected can successfully hit either goal post they go home a winner.  You will have the option, when setting up the coverage with IP Group, to have the shot be hit from either center ice or from the far blue line.

The Hat Trick contest is also a great way to get the crowd involved!  You will select one lucky contestant out of the stands and see if he or she has what it takes to make three goals in a row.  He or she will need to make a goal from the close blue line, the center ice mark, and the far blue line through a predetermined template.  If your lucky fan can accomplish this they skate home with the grand prize.