It is never too early to start planning ahead for the upcoming basketball season. Fundraising events are sometimes the most important and often overlooked aspects of a high school’s athletic programs.  The services provided by Interactive Promotions Group can help save you and your school a great deal of money while also helping raise funds for your organization.  You can pick from various different basketball contests, our most popular are the half-court shot and the progressive contest (lay-up, free-throw,

3 point, and ½ court shot all made within 30 seconds).

During the start of basketball season the booster club or volunteers or whom ever you put in charge of fundraising for each event, can give tickets to people who make a donation to the basketball team.  On the tickets you will want to advertise their chance to win a grand prize like a new car at the last game of the season!  You can also sell raffle tickets to people who wish to purchase extra chances to enter to win a big prize at the final game.  This will also help to increase attendance at each game by other people wanting to get their chance to win big at the last game too.

At the final game of the season, during halftime, pick one name from all of the tickets that were sold and given out during all of the home games.  Hopefully that person will be present, if not, don’t worry just pick another name until he or she is there.  That person will come down out of the crowd and test their basketball skills. If they can sink the shot or shots they go home a winner!

If you are interested in learning more about Interactive Promotions Group’s basketball promotions please give us a call!