Super Bowl is less than two months away and it is never too early to start planning your interactive promotions for the big game. Whether you are a bar and restaurant owner or a retail location, Interactive Promotions Group has just the contests insurance that will draw business to your location.

If you are a bar restaurant business, a great promotion that you could run the day of the big game to get fans pumped up for the game would be the score prediction contest. As your patrons enter your restaurant on game day have everyone write down their guess of the final score. Right before the game starts pick out one of the guesses and at the end of the game you will see if that guess exactly matches the final score. If it does, your lucky patron goes home with a big prize courtesy of Interactive Promotions Group.

Looking to boost sales at your retail location? Interactive Promotions Group can definitely help you do that with our conditional rebate policy. Let’s say you are the owner of a furniture store and you want to run a big sale leading up to the big game. You can advertise that if the home team runs back either the opening or second half kick-off for a touchdown, you will reimburse the total sales from the start date of the sale up to that Saturday before the Super Bowl to each and every one of your customers. What better way is there to drive customers into your location than to offer the possibility of FREE merchandise? You just let Interactive Promotions Group know your estimated sales volume for the time period of the sale and we will calculate the premium based on your sales and the odds of the teams playing in the Super Bowl. It’s that easy! Don’t forget, you have less than two months to start planning so give Integrative Promotions Group a call and we’ll be happy to put something together for the big game day celebration!