It is time to hit the ice, hockey season is in full swing and Interactive Promotions Group as a number of great hockey promotions that are sure to excite the crowd at the next home game. Most of the hockey contests offered by Interactive Promotions Group are fan participation promotions which means that you select the participate(s) at random from the crowd and they perform one of the following promotions in order to win the grand prize. These are the most popular promotions that Interactive Promotions Group customers have done in the past!

–         Target Score Shot- This promotion is the simplest that Interactive Promotions Group offers. One person is selected at random from the crowd and all the contestant has to do is shoot the puck through a template and into the goal. This contest can be done from the closest blue line, center ice, far blue line, or the far goal line. This many options allow clients to best utilize their budget by choosing if they want to do multiple contestants from farther away or just one participant with a closer shot!

–         Rapid Fire – This contest is an excellent way to have the contestant on ice for a longer period of time. The participant has 25 seconds to shot the puck as fast as he or she can. In the 25 seconds they have to get 20 out of the 25 pucks they are given into the open net. This promotion is done from center ice.

–         Hat Trick – With a hat trick promotion the contestant gets to take three different shots, one from the near blue line, center ice, and far blue line. Out of the three shots the person selected has to make two out of the three through a designated template. This promotion like the Rapid Fire is a great way to utilize the whole break during periods.

For more information on any of these hockey promotions or for more visit the Sports tab on our website and click on Hockey!