Interactive Promotions Group knows how important it is for TV and Radio stations to stay connected with their listeners. In order to keep your client base interested in your station, many stations will run contests and sweepstakes to reward their most loyal listeners with a chance to win a grand prize like cash or a luxurious vacation. IP Group has come up with a variety of ways to promote your station and reward your fans; here are some of the most popular contests we offer!

The Virtual Money Bags Promotions is the most popular and easiest for any station to run. Interactive Promotions Groups will provide you with a website programmed with a winning number from 1-100. Have you callers simply call in guess a number, the radio personality merely plugs in the number and instantly knows if that caller is a winner. If you are looking to involve the listener more in the contest, the Birthday Match and the Name Game are two great promotions. Both of those contests involve the caller calling in with certain personal information such as a birthday or monogram. In both cases Interactive Promotions Group will have set a predetermined winning birthday or set of initials and if the caller’s match, they win.

If you have any questions about any of the contests or want a quote for your station, give us a call. Also keep in mind that if you have an idea that you want made into a promotion let us know and we can customize one of the contests for your liking!