Interactive Promotions Group offers a classic twist on the standard lucky envelope game. Two of the most popular options are the 10/5/2 Envelope Pull and the Pick till You Win game. Both options are great for big events when you want to select one lucky person to get a chance to win big. All you have to let us know is the game that you want to run and the value of the grand prize you wish to give away.

Prior to the event, Interactive Promotions Group will send you envelopes for the 10/5/2 Envelope Pull. On the day of the contest you will set out three piles of envelopes. One pile will have ten envelopes, the next will have five and the final pile will have two envelopes. The lucky contestant that is selected for the contest will pick one envelope from each pile. All of the envelopes will contain either a message, stating WINNER or NON-WINNER and each pile has one WINNER envelope. The contestant will pick one envelope from each pile and if they all have the WINNER message that lucky person will take home the grand prize.

Interactive Promotions Group will also send you the envelopes for the Pick till You Win game. With this promotion you will have forty envelopes. Five of the envelopes will contain the Grand Prize message, ten will have a first prize, ten will have a second prize and the final fifteen envelopes will contain third prizes. The person who is selected for the contest will get to do exactly what the name of the game states; pick till they win. He or she will keep picking envelopes until they receive 5 matching messages. The five matching prizes will determine what they take home!