Winter is just around the corner and that means snow is soon to follow. Why not use the weather to promote your business. Weather Conditional Rebates Prize Insurance are a great way to increase traffic to your business, whether it is a retail store, car dealership or bar/restaurant.

These Weather Prize Insurance Promotions allow you to use Mother Nature as a basis for your prize or giveaway. Basically, what you need to do is choose the weather conditions for a specific day and if your predictions are accurate then your customers walk away with the grand prize. These prize insurance promotions are a proven way to generate excitement and incentive.

Still need a break down? Let’s use a retail store as an example. You could run an in store prize insurance promotion where any customer who purchases an item from your store has a chance to win back their purchase price. Regulate a specific condition, such as 6 inches of snow on New Years Day. Run the prize insurance promotion from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve and keep track of all sales during that time period. If on New Years Day there are 6 or more inches on the ground all of your customers receive their money back. It is that easy and fun!

Besides creating excitement and buzz around your business these prize insurance promotions have other added benefits. Customers will have an added incentive to purchase from your location. You can be sure to see additional traffic in your store or dealership. It is also a great way to add to customers to your database. So, don’t let the thought of snow and cold get you down, use it to your advantage. Contact us about your Weather Promotion!