Interactive Promotions Group offers suggestions of contests that we can cover to add more excitement to your next event however sometimes clients want to do something different in order to keep within the theme of their event. One of Interactive Promotions Group’s most popular contests is the Lucky Envelope Pull Prize Insurance. The Lucky Envelope Pull is a prize insurance contest where you narrow your group of people down to one person and give that one lucky person the chance to win the grand prize. This one individual would pick an envelope numbered 1 to 100 and see if their pick matched the predetermined winning number.

This prize insurance contest is great because you can run it a couple different ways. First, the simple easy way, we can create the amount of sealed envelopes that you need for the promotions and ship them to you. Each envelope will have a message inside so that when the person selects the envelope all they need to do is open it up and see if they won.

The second option is to customize the prize insurance promotion to follow the theme of the event. Interactive Promotions Group uses numbered envelopes because they can tie into every promotion however we have had clients get very creative in what they choose to use. If you want to create the numbered items yourself, IPG will email you a program where once the person picks their number, they enter it into the computer to reveal whether or not they are a winner. If you are not set on envelopes, a good idea for a car giveaway prize insurance is to number keys. Interactive Promotions Group has even insured a contest that took place at a company Christmas party where they numbered Christmas ornaments on a tree and the employee who made the most sales that year got to participate.