Direct mail is one of many different types of advertising mediums your business has the option of utilizing. Although the Internet is converting more and more sales everyday, you do not want to turn your back on your direct mail campaign. At Interactive Promotions Group we offer several options for you to choose from for your direct mail needs. Who doesn’t want to receive free money and prizes through the mail, after all?

Consider the following three options for direct mail promotions:

  • Lucky Number Match: You can send out these mailers to your customers to drive traffic. The customer, who receives a mailer with a winning number, can visit your store on your contest day to claim their prize.
  • Lucky Envelope is another promotional event to consider when you have a large crowd. Here, you will announce the event with a direct mail promotional piece. On the contest day, one contestant from the crowd is selected. If they have the ability to select the envelope that holds the prize, they win.
  • Scratch and Win Cards are another simple and well loved option. Send them out in a mailer and allow customers to see if they have the winning card by scratching off their card.

Remember, if the customer wins the prize, Interactive Promotions Group covers the payout for you. That means that your business gets to benefit from the increased traffic and you do not have to pay out should the customer actually walk away with the big prize. This is an easy, affordable and customer appreciated way of drawing business into your store.