Football is one of the country’s most loved sports, as it should be. At Interactive Promotions Group, we offer several types of football related games and tournaments that you can hold at your next promotional event. If you have been looking for a way to add more excitement to your next promotional event, consider adding these fun prize insurance contests. They often generate larger crowds and help you to raise a good amount of money, too.

Fan participation contests are one of the best options available. Consider the following types of games you can get your fans playing:

  • The Armchair Quarterback prize insurance requires a sofa recliner. The contestant will need to throw a football from 15 yards away through a template with a ten inch hole on it. They need to be sitting in their armchair while throwing the ball. If they make it, they win your grand prize.
  • How about the Field Goal Kick prize insurance? You can get a fan onto the field to kick this ball. You have five different distances to choose from 30 yards, 35 yards, 40 yards, 45 yards or even 50 yards. They win the big prize if they hit the field goal. This is a great event for arena football, too!

We offer several other football style prize insurance that you can play with your fans to help them to get more involved in the game. Add excitement. Get more interest. Help people have fun by winning big prizes. We will help you to set up and minimize your risks in these games.