There is an easy way to get people excited about your next event. Just make it a bowling event. Interactive Promotions Group offers two options for those who want to get people in the alleys and playing a game of bowling. One of the best ways to do this, of course, is to use a big, grand prize.

These bowling contests are great for large groups of people. On the other hand, you can narrow down the group of people and then give contestants the chance at winning something big.

There are two ways they can win:

The 7/10 Split: Just as the name sounds, the contestant’s goal here is to take the one shot they get to knock down a 7/10 split in the pins. They only get one throw, though. If they do it, they walk away with the big prize.

The Perfect Game: There is a second way that players can win, if you choose this version of our contest. Here, they need to throw a perfect game. This is an easy way to get many bowlers into the game. Players will play regular 10-frame game. To win, one person needs to get a strike in each frame and score the perfect 300. If this happens, they get the grand prize.

Keep in mind that Interactive Promotions Group provides you with the grand prize should someone win it. You do not have to take on the risks associated with this contest, but you do get to enjoy motivating your bowlers or getting people involved in your tournament.