We often get questions about our baseball contest coverage. Baseball is an all-American pastime and we would love to help you to put on one of our fabulous contests for your group or special event, raise money for a charity and/or draw attention to your organization. You can do any of these things, and many more, by investing in our baseball contest coverage.

Look at the options you have in fan participation contests:

  • Target Toss: Set up a target and encourage participants to throw a baseball through that target to win a fabulous prize. With this contest, you can choose the size of the target, which gives you more control over how challenging this contest will be.
  • Home Run Swing: One of the most enjoyable baseball contests we offer is the home run swing in which your participant has three swings out of five pitches to hit a home run.
  • 3 Strikes and You Win: Challenge your participants to test their pitching ability in this baseball contest. All they have to do to win is to throw three baseballs through the target, which is the strike zone. If they do so, they win.

Each of the baseball contest rules we offer has stipulations but individuals can win big prizes. You may also want to check out our team achievement promotions, which will motivate everyone on the team to win a prize for a lucky fan. Contact us directly to learn more about Interactive Promotions and our baseball contests, golf hole in one contests and much more.