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Crack the Vault
Looking to boost foot traffic at your showroom, charity event, trade show booth or retail location? Then spice up your next event by giving your customers a chance to “Crack the Vault” for big money! Customers enter a lucky number into a vault at your location, provided by Interactive Promotions Group, and if the lucky number cracks the vault they walk away a winner!
Here's how it works: If you have a big event at your showroom, are presenting a new product at a trade show or just want to add more excitement to your next event then The Crack the Vault Promotion is your answer! You choose a prize like a vehicle, cash or a product that you represent and we will customize the vault contest for your customers or guest.
  • Advertise the sale or event with an incentive to win a big prize for anyone that steps into the showroom or event.
  • The vault can be customized to have a code of 3-8 digits and any prize up to $25,000. You name the prize and we cover it.
  • The guest has the opportunity to enter any lucky digit number they choose into the vault. If they crack the code and open the vault then they win the grand prize.
  • Interactive Promotions Group will provide you with a custom secure vault promotion for you to use at any location.

Contest Coverage Benefits:
  • Our Crack the Vault promotion is an excellent way of getting in touch with a large group of customers while adding the element of a flashy game.
  • Cost of prize coverage is based on how many guesses are made, the value of the prize and we provide the custom secure vault for your entire promotion period free of charge.
  • In order to claim the grand prize the customer must enter the lucky number into the vault game at the store, trade show booth or charity event, therefore Crack the Vault is guaranteed to drive traffic into your store or any event.