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Improve the effectiveness of your next direct mail campaign by including a contest. IP Group's team of contest consultants can propose a variety of programs that are sure to increase interest in your firm. Call today!
Tantalize your showroom visitors with a Crack the Vault contest. Lock a set of keys inside and let test-drivers attempt to guess the vault's combination. If they successfully crack the vault, they get the keys and can drive away in a brand new car!
This promotion entails you mailing numbered game pieces to potential customers. If the customer who receives the one winning numbered game piece stops by for a test-drive on contest day, they win a fabulous prize!
Offer a great online promotion to drive customers into the showroom. You can add winning codes or give away cars. Let us know what you interested and we can customize it to your liking
Roll some excitement into your next promotion! With this contest you give lucky contestants the chance to roll a winning word with a set of lettered dice. For example, if they roll W-I-N-N-E-R, that's exactly what they will become!
You've seen this one before! One lucky contestant is selected and given the opportunity to win a brand-new car. All they must do is reach into a bowl of numbered keys and pull out the winner. If the key they pick matches the winning predetermined number, the car is theirs to drive away.
This contest is very popular these days! Conditional rebates involve a certain event occurring on a certain day. Maybe it's 6 inches of snow on Christmas, or your local football team winning the Super Bowl. If the event occurs, purchases made on a certain day become free!
Canít find exactly what youíre looking for? Call one of our knowledgeable contest consultants for suggestions, or click here to learn more about our various contest options.