Weather Conditional Rebates

This type of promotion is a sure fire way to drive traffic and increase sales for any business looking to sell a product. Instead of simply offering discounts or coupons to customers this type of promotion allows you to reimburse your customers with a partial or full refund of their purchase. This is also a unique way to advertise your product while offering an incentive to your client base. With the ability to offer a total or partial rebate in spending, sales promotions will significantly boost traffic to your location. By using the weather as the deciding factor in your promotion, it will motivate shoppers and increase your bottom line.

Simple as 1-2-3…

  1. Contact Interactive Promotions Group and provide the following:
    • Promotion dates
    • Estimated total sales during the promotion period
    • Type of weather you would like recorded (rain, snow, or temp)
    • The location of the recording (zip code)
    • The date you would like to record the weather (at least 7 days after the sale)
  2. Bind the coverage and start marketing your promotion!
  3. When the sale is over, report your final total sales and wait to see how the weather turns out on the recording date. Will your customers receive a rebate?!

Business Benefits

  • Great way to drive traffic into your retail or dealership location.
  • Incentivizes your customers to make a purchase from your business.
  • Opportunity to build up your database and gather customer’s information for future contacts.


Needless to say, running an event is no small feat, and yet your customer service was impeccable from start to finish.

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