Interactive Promotions Group offers a wide variety of promotional prize insurance options that you can offer to your clients and potential clients at your dealership.  Whether it is the grand opening or you are just looking to boost traffic to your showroom Interactive Promotions Group has options for every occasion.  The three most popular prize insurance that we offer to our auto dealers are: Crack the Vault Prize Insurance, Direct Mail, and Dice Roll Prize Insurance.  These are all great options that will allow large groups of people to participate with the chance to drive home a winner!

The Crack the Vault Prize Insurance game is an online promotion where each lucky contestant will get to enter a six digit code of their choice and see if they are a winner.  All you need to let us know to get the ball rolling is the number of guesses you will need for your game and the value of the vehicle you wish to put up as the prize.  Prior to the start of your promotion IPG will create your personalized online game. We will also send you a sealed envelope containing the winning code that you are free to open at the end of the promotion if no one has cracked the vault.

The Direct Mail promotion is a great option for established dealerships.  Next time you plan to send out a mailer to your customers just have your mail house print a code on each postcard and then give us a call.  We will need to know how many mailers you are sending out, the value of the car and the length of your promotion.  All you have to do then is sit back and wait for your customers to stop in.  If the person with the winning printed code comes in with their mailer they win!

The Dice Roll prize insurance is the most interactive of these promotions and will really get the crowd excited to participate.  This is a great option for a grand opening!  Let us know how many people you are expecting and the value of the new vehicle and we will ship out your six custom dice.  On the day of your grand opening if one of your potential new clients can roll N-E-W-C-A-R they will win a brand new car.  There’s no better way to get your name out to the community than getting to announce in the paper that you just gave away a car to one of your lucky new customers!