Prize insurance is one of the most important things to have if you are a business or organization and you are sponsoring an event. Most large companies use the services offered by Interactive Promotions Group to reduce their required payouts of various contests they hold. Here is how this process works.

You decide to run a special promotion. You are giving participants the ability to win some type of prize. However, as the promoter of the event, you do not want to have to pay out the big bucks should someone win the big prize you are offering. You do not need to keep cash on hand to pay out these large prizes. Rather, you pay a fee to Interactive Promotions Group and we take on the risk.

If someone wins your big event, we cover the cost of that gift. This reduces your liability and it makes sure that you do not have to fork over the funds to pay out such a large prize.

There are many reasons to turn to Interactive Promotions Group for your sports, direct mail, auto dealer or even golf hole in one insurance. In short, we are one of the leading providers of this type of prize insurance today. We make the entire process, from the creation of your contest to the signage and the event’s prize easy to manage. Take some time to consider how well our services can fit within your needs. You can request a quote for service through our service online or contact use directly to learn more about prize insurance.