One of the fun ways that you can promote your fundraiser or draw attention to your group is to do so through a soccer contest. At Interactive Promotions Group, we have several contest options for you and since we cover the prize should someone win it, you have no risk involved in these contests.

Here are a few of the soccer related promotions we offer to you:

  1. Our Target Goal Kick is just what it sounds like. You decide the distance of the goal kick and the diameter of the target that the contestant needs to kick the ball through. The contestant is randomly selected from the audience and has the ability to win a grand prize.
  2. The Sunroof or Truck Bed Punt is another option. It is quite similar to the target goal kick, but this time the fan will punt a ball through the sunroof of a car or land it in the bed of a pickup truck. They will win the contest if they get the ball to land completely through the sunroof or the ball stays in the truck bed.
  3. A third option is the Quick Kick. Here, a lucky fan is selected and the goal is to score goals in a limited amount of time, 25 seconds exactly. They have to make five out of ten goals at a specific distance from the goal in order to win this grand prize.

What is great is that with Interactive Promotions Group, we take care of paying for the prizes if your contestant wins and you take the credit for the great soccer contest you have used.